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Tim Roeleveld
Stone Guard
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i’ll run it on a higher difficulty and let you know how it performs.
for starters, i removed tod from sequence + pre-macro and placed it on modifier so that it’s not blowing on trash.

Yeah you’re right, ToD and Fist of the White Tiger are better used manual. But I figured people who understand it would remove it, cause removing is easier then adding it in.

Or u can ofc add in a /cast [nochanneling][mod:your mod key] Blackout kick and /cast [nochanneling][mod:your mod key] Fist of the White Tiger for the mod users.

LeTrapzArtz and Abby, I am curious for the results!

Also handy to know if u want to get maximized DMG on the AoE rotation
Remove the Castsequence line of Tiger Palm and Blackout kicks and Use Blackout Kick on proc and when on 4 Chi and bout to get 50 energy while the other abilities are on cooldown.