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Robert Tilley
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Castsequence does work in GSE, but not like it does in native macros.

In GSE, each cast in the /castsequence will cause the macro to fall down to the line below, and the next spell in the /castsequence is only cast on the next pass, and only if the spell before it was successful. In other words, if the 1st spell was successful in the 1st pass, the 2nd spell will be cast in the 2nd pass, i.e. /castsequence will not progress to the next spell until the current spell is cast successfully.

Example, assuming sequential step:

/cast 1
/castsequence 2,3,4
/cast 5

Assuming each spell cast is successful, it goes:

1 > 2 > 5
1 > 3 > 5
1 > 4 > 5

Otherwise, if a castsequence spell fails to cast, the macro will fall to the line below regardless, but then on the next pass it will try to recast the failed castsequence spell:

1 > 2 (failed) > 5
1 > 2 (failed) > 5
1 > 2 (success) > 5
1 > 3 (success) > 5
1 > 4 (success) > 5
1 > 2 > 5

Note: castsequence in GSE will only behave like a castsequence in a native macro IF the GSE castsequence macro only contains that one line of castsequence, without anything else. This is also the only instance where (reset=xx) timer conditional can work in GSE, as long as you do not press the macro for the specified amount of time.