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Hi, I have the same issue. Would like to start leveling my priest from 90 to 120, but the macro won’t start. Have tried other ones and they are working. Deleted this one and did a new import, same result. Any Ideas? have also disabled all my addons, but the macro dont start to do DPS.

I really have no idea why this would be, and I don’t think it’s my macro. I use everything that I post and there’s nothing in the code that would be preventing casting.

All I can really do is make sure everyone follows the basics. Since you are a healer, even a DPSing one, I don’t have this macro autotarget anything. So be sure to target your enemies (tab, click, let them hit you first). If you are targetting or focusing a friendly instead, make sure they are targetting something in order for you to DPS anything. Some tanks like to use AoE only abilities and basically never target anything, that’s when you choose your own targets.

If no macros are working then check your GSE installation. Make sure it’s updated to the latest.