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@devo That’s a strange one, can’t say I had that happen to me, it’s probably an arb option somewhere but I don’t do anything specific in this macro for right mouse or camera. Too many factors to consider like ui etc. The Grigger-Blood thread is this same macro just evolved and more fine tuned so maybe just use that one as it is newer.

seems like its trying to place a target reticle. via a trinket. as based on your description that can case that can cause the same issue

Check any and all trinkets which are on use
If you do then you might need to follow the Death and Decay options and add in
/use [@cursor][@player] 13/14
Don’t use the line above as is, will need to be edited and that should solve the issue.
13 is first trinket slot 14 is second trinket slot

Thank you all! Yes, it was a trinket that was trying to apply it at my location! The use [@cursor][@player] 13/14 worked perfectly! Thank you again!