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Stone Guard
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Hi everyone. I want to ask how can I see the real macros? I only seeing something like that “wqiedfnhbnciclbsc1bbibcwciincinuhbwechbwi2bnchbdhscibsihbvfhibvipn6sidbvibvpbdivsihdbvcipbisdbncvi4sbvdisbvdibiovbi2sbdvisbdvisbvdi3sbvdshvpbwne cihfdvbinvsdnPFU BFbnfJHBJjhblhbJHB8JHjh” Is there common problem or it’s only happens to me? If someone knows how to fix that just tell me please., Thank you.

That gibberish is the new macro format.

Just copy and paste that gibberish into gse as above person says and your macro will import