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So I haven’t posted or updated this in sometime now for that I’m sorry. I appreciate the kind words and happy to hear you are finding my macro to be useful. Since this posting I have been working on improving my DPS trying different things. And the macro below is what I can up with. Overall its not a huge change from the previous macro. And not a true “one button” macro. For this one you will spam the macro firing your major abilities. And In a second key you will need to place Mongoose Bite. Fire the macro to build focus and Mongoose Bite to burn it. The macro uses your Bombs and Stings without over using Serpent sting. If anything it could do more but I haven’t found a sweet spot for stings yet. After raids my guild post logs and I wow analyze myself. Most fights have no major issues to report only minor like not enough serpent stings or overlapping stings. Manage your focus and don’t over cap trying to get 5+ mongoose bite in while fury is active. You should find with practice you will get awesome result.

I run this at between .050 to .029 MS on Razor but please test for what works for you.

Talents 3121222

This macro contains 1 macro version. This Sequence was exported from GSE 2.4.02.

Macro Version 1

Step Function: Sequential

Pre Macro: Berserking

KeyPress: Growl, Misdirection, Call Pet 1

Main Sequence: Kill Command, Wildfire Bomb, Serpent Sting, Coordinated Assault

KeyRelease: Mana Drain

Post Macro: Wildfire Bomb