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Matthew Lebo
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Hi and thanks for your hard work and great GSE Macro! I’m using the Universal Macro and I need help using this in random BG’s please. I don’t ever focus anyone in BG’s and when i target a friendly it just selects that persons target and DPS’s it without really doing any healing to the target i selected. If i press shift it definitely heals me though. I selected every talent you selected but it often gets stuck on casting a spell over and over saying I don’t have a target even though i check and there is a enemy target selected. I never use the mouse to target anything, my mouse just sits there in the middle of the screen as I only use it to move the camera around and use the keyboard for everything else. Perhaps that is the issue? Do i need to remove the mouse over stuff? I use a Razer keyboard and synapse with my 1 2 and 3 keys set to turbo at 5 presses a second. Would LOVE if you could give a step by step run down for BG PVP like you did for PVE.. 🙂