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Stone Guard
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Good Day sir,
Not sure if you can help, But i am wondering how I can make a 1 button macro to help me dish out some dps in M+
Similar to your Balance Affinity but without taking the talent and without any MOD?

Yes this can be done but the DPS wont be as much as if you controlled the spenders yourself with mods as I made my affinities macro. Ill see what I can make. The issue is that it will spend the spenders randomly, so you can over cap your combo points for a while then spend them. Then build up 2/5 combo points then spend them. I do get the urge to make this simple with one button. Ill see what I can do. But the net result will likely be less dps. Question is how much less is it and can we bring the two somewhere close to each other. Lets find out!