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the maximum possible dps would keep up 3 stacks of active barbed shots always in order to have the pet at maximum power, unfortunately no macro can do it only so I think is activate it manually.
sekhh you could update the macro so that you can keep up as many stacks as possible and increase the dps again?

I have stacked more Crit as that has a higher chance of resetting Barbed shot anyway. I use the mod for AofW as that (with talents) automatically gives a chance of Barbed Shot. But even with that, I still run out of barbed shot 3 stack, and have to build it up.

Looking at Ask Mr Robot (Which is not very accurate). That stated that the Best in Slot uses 30% Crit, and 11% Haste. Although I don’t trust AMR fully, I can understand the need for 30% to help give more Barbed Shot resets, therefore leading to more of a chance of a charge of Barbed short being available at the right time.

Every now and again, my barbed shots resets early to keep the 3 stack on. I have to accept that as, as you said…”no macro can do that”