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hello ipw133 look then the macro seems to work well basic, currently both this and those of valamar are very good.
to have a 100% top macro however, you would need as you wrote you to launch barbed shot manually so you have when you want the stacks and keep them up at best. the thing is not simple especially when you are in raid / mythical plus having to be often careful of the game screen.
i have tried and am still trying so to pull barbed shot manually with its weakauras, and i must say that actually my dps has risen considerably. in aoe then when the aoe pet clevva ugly and you have active barbed shot is really a high dps.
in singol target varies a lot the dps. my average in plus raid is still from 10-14 k base. depends on how you said the stacks of barbed shot and clearly also from active trinket cd etc. per iresto instead I think it’s great kill command always top priority chimera shot uses it 90% well so I saw that the macro to 90% seems great. I’m trying to make changes myself by trying and trying again to see if I can make several things coincide.