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To be perfectly honest, I can’t say that my macro can’t be improved upon. Sometimes it does seem to skip over Chimaera Shot a few times when it’s off CD, but that was intentional due to suggestions from the Icyvein’s BM Hunter guide. you dont want to prioritize Chimaera over Barbed Shot, Kill Command or in some cases even Cobra Shot(unless you need the extra focus). Personally I think it’s a bullsh*t talent and will not use it considering I see no noticable difference in my dps using it over OwtP. But there is very high potential for Chimaera to cause a lot off trouble for you whether you’re Raiding, doing keys, or even PvP as it’s sure to break CC’s. But yeah man best advice I can give ya is to try adding in an additional Chimaera Shot into one of the castsequences if anything. Then check your dps versus using OwtB and see what works best for you.

Sorry, i hope that at least somewhat answers your question