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Stone Guard
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What would be the command be for telling your pet to follow, or come back to you? I was thinking of using it as a Post Macro command, but can’t get the syntax right or something…he won’t come back! 🙂

Add a line in the keypress section (I’m at work so I cannot test this, but it should not be on a global so Keypress should work without causing hangups, but if if does hang just move it down to the first line of the body).

/cast [nocombat] Petfollow

Disclaimer: this probably will stuff up your opener though, as you will not register as being in combat untill your first shot hits the target and as such your pet is goiing to hang out by you until that happens so you will not get t eh extra front end damage that you would get from sending your pet as you shoot with a /Petattack.