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OK – My test results…and this is not definitive, but based on MY play style.

OwtP – Mother – 1st try (we had a numpty night) 14.5K overall. Noticing Focus between 10- 60%
Chimaera Shot – Mother – 2nd Try 16.7K overall. Noticed focus between 50-90%

There are two issues here. Was there a low focus in 1st so some of the shots could not be set off (Not enough focus for A Murder, Cobra shot or Kill Command). I did notice a few more Barbed Shot resets, but RNG is a bitch.
2nd Shot, added Focus from Chimaera. There is focus generated from Mother (only 10), but there is a bit more generated on the Remnants of Corruption. More focus means more shots as successfully cast.

These are my observations and DO NOT constitute fact. I’m sure others will have seen different results, and this is unscientific as boss fights can vary considerably.

PS – I’m also considering taking AotW out of the macro first part of the sequence, as it fires early when my Barbed Shot is capped, therefore I lose a Barbed shot add from it. But I will leave it at the end. I can always use the Mod key to cast AotW as soon as a charge of Barbed shot is used, as I don’t want to lose the decent damage from the shot.

This Macro works Extremely well for me. I do need to make a BMBFAST AoE version, as the one I use at the moment I got +30K on add cleanout before the boss, and I like the BMBFAST macro, so I want to use that at all times.I hope that doesn’t annoy you Pharmacist. Whatever the case – it will still be considered a mod of Your macro, and still attributed to you. If I get it working well I’ll post it for your consideration