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I tried and rehearsed several times the macro, in raid in mythical plus etc. , but no nriesco to have your same numbers of dps. my average is 10k with this macro and often skips barbed shot and CDs.
i’m currently testing my personal macro, as written on the forum where i posted my first version. i’m keeping a 2 version that seems much more precise in the barbed shot up mantere as much as possible and pull the spell at the right time off cd. i thank paharmacist for the macro.

note I have impression that your current macros are too long as scripts too many lines, honestly I noticed that they do not need it.
one thing I’ve seen is that you have to try to put the right spells in the right way with without too many repetitions. for example some spells see
chimera shot barbed shot etc. should be used just off cd or anyway to refract them so as to keep them up often.
I for example aspect of wild and say beast I use them manually to have more effectiveness