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some spells see chimera shot barbed shot etc. should be used just off cd or anyway to refract them so as to keep them up often. I for example aspect of wild and say beast I use them manually to have more effectiveness

OK first off, this macro is specificly designed for Single Target Raid Boss fights in which case, no you should not be casting chimaera shot nor barbed shot on CD. Usually you’ll wanna hold off on CS to fire off when both KC is on CD and you have less than 70-80 focus so that you do no waste the focus gain by firing it when close to focus capped.

Barbed Shot you want to stagger to try to A.-keep as many stacks(up to 3) as possible but at the very least ensuring you dont let the buff drop off completely.

Really the only Skill that should be used on CD is KC and there are even times when that doesnt hold true like when you have both BW off cd at the same time as KC, then BW has the priority so as to not lose the cd reduction from using KC.

Now low to medium keystone dungeons, yes you should be spamming barbed shot on in order the get the most from the buff due to adds dying relatively quick. But as I said before, I designed this soley with Single Target Raid Bosses in mind and while it does pretty decent in keystone dungeons, it is in no way optimized for them.