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Thanks for putting this together. You have some great macros 🙂
I noticed something and was not sure if this is correct or not. The AOE macro doesn’t seem to be functioning correctly, or maybe it is working just as you intended. When spamming the macro it will cast Earth Elemental, Chain Lightning, Fire Elemental, and Stormkeeper. Once everything is on cooldown, it seems to have what feels like a 1 -2 seconds of downtime before the next chain lightning casts again. Below is a video I took to show you what I mean. The first 1:15 or so is me spamming the AOE macro on a a group of mobs. The couple minutes is spamming the ST macro on a boss fight.
Also, I see Flame Shock is used as a modifier. Any specific reason why it is not in the macro rotation? Is it worth putting it in or should I cast it manually?

Hey thank you for reporting this. I also noticed that today and found out I forgot to add
"/targetenemy [noharm][dead]"
I think this resolved the issue. Please see the updated version and let me know if the lag has stopped. Also note that 1 second pauses are not very uncommon in a Blizzard GCD world. But yes I think this update has resolved the lag a bit. Let me know. Thanks 🙂

Also re the Flame Shock not on the rotation its because I wanted to try to have flame shock as an option for the specific mob I wanted to attack. Flame Shock causes all your lava bursts to crit upon impact. If it is used on cd for low priority mobs it may lead to lower dps. However the argument can be made that on single target this does not matter and that on multi target aoe situations you want to cast it on as many mobs as possible. Having it on a mod is one solution. But I will likely release another version with this in the macro and let people choose what works best for them. Similar to my Balance Druid Macro.