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I am also a bit frustrated by some of the posts. This macro is a great start. I don’t want AotW cast on CD, so I have used this macro and modified it for my play style. It is a great macro and works well. If you don’t like part of it, then change it yourself. Pharmacist1 has offered this macro that suits his needs. That’s cool, and it is a really effective macro. IF you want changes, then change it to your style – by all means ask advice, but it’s up to you to customise it to your needs. I have health issues, so GSE has allowed me to play the game at a Heroic Raid level, for which I am grateful, and have been playing this game since 2005/2006.

I have removed AotW as I want to MOD cast it when I am ready, for me, as I have Primal Instinct as an Azerite trait. I also use BW on MOD key, but am happy it auto casts (via Macro) when there is lots going on around me and I am overwhelmed with the fight.

Interestingly the updated version doesn’t autocast Barbed shot at start, so i am looking into why, but I have Mod keyed that also so it’s no biggy, but it’s all there so I am at a loss as to why it’s not autocasting. **** Working it out – priority 1 12 123 means it’s on the 3rd loop. So I’ve moved Barbed Shot higher up the loop list ****

In summary – This macro works really well, and I am grateful to Pharmacist1 for creating it. I am customising it, but it’s an excellent place to start.

I love to see the questions and the discussions, but we really need to be carrying out the modifications and reporting back on their effect rather then demanding changes. Do the changes yourself, if you don’t know how, ask or look it up .