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Stone Guard
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Update 12/28/18

-Further modified trinkets to accommodate for active use AOE trinkets. Specifically

/use [@cursor] 14
/use [@cursor] 13

-Refined Version #1
1 = Talents 2113131 &; 2113221 Summon Vilefiend RAID ST Build
Use this for ST focused M+ and Raid Encounters.

-Added Version #5
Talents 31?2?33 M+ Burst Build. Casts Nether Portal and everything else on your bars except Summon Demonic Tyrant.

By Direktorius (1,312 – 7·40) on 2018/08/21 (Patch 7.3.5)
Best place to fit this guy in (at the start of encounter, because 1.5 min CD lul) is like this:
-Start with Call Dreadstalkers
-Shoot two Hand of Gul’dan for two sets of imps.
– Summon this guy when Call Dreadstalkers cooldown is down to 10 seconds.

This lets you have your new doggies benefit from the damage empowerment while also having two pairs of doggies for maximum amount of time;

Midway through battle you can fit in 3 sets of imps and an active pair of doggies.

From my playing, this causes your imps to do about 20-25% of your total damage

EDIT: About imps – you cast this to increase your imps’ damage, not give them more duration. Imps always fade after casting 5 Fel Firebolt. Though, I suppose it is not a big problem only starting with one set of imps, because the damage buff is on you and not on your demons.