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Jeremy R Johnson
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The AoE macro with pillar was outside of the cast sequence so it should work correctly. I see your point on the burst macro. I guess my thought process was that I wouldn’t be using BoS outside of pillar of frost so there was no reason to leave it out. Keeping it in the cast sequence allows things to fire off in the right order. I think I forgot to update my burst macro. I ran into the same issue you did. What I did was leave a single obliterate at the end. That way I know after remorseless winter it will do a single obliterate and then that’s my que to go to my obliterate spam. I tested your idea and I liked it more so i moved it to the top.

I’ve been going back and forth with the two frost strikes in the macro. The issue is, with one frost strike you end up runic capping due to the HB procs. With two frost strikes I find myself capping runes more then I find myself runic starved. I haven’t really had an issue with not enough runic for the burst macro because I tend to dump all my runes into obliterate 12 seconds or so before burst so that at least 3 are off cd when I pop it. I will update the burst macro after dinner. I will continue to play around with my normal macro to try and find a good balance.