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Moonfire wont cast on any version for me

1. If you have the ALT, SHIFT, or CTRL key key bound to other keys (ALT+1, SHIFT+1, CTRL +1) so the input to the system gets confused and it does not register that you are using the macro over the keybind. Solution, unkey bind the alt, shift or ctrl keys from your keybinds. This includes checking the Interface setting and reviewing the Controls, Combat and Action Bars sections as they may have shift, alt or ctrl key modifiers for looting, Focus cast, self cast, pick up keys for your action bar. There may be other options that use alt, shift and ctrl that may or may not affect functionality and you should test with and without them to see what works best

2. Another input issue is what exact key you are using for the mod in WOW. The key should have Alternate Values that can be obtained from ALT, CTRL, And SHIFT. For example, NUM LOCK keys do not have any SHIFT modifiers in them; they are just numbers 0-9, casting alt and ctrl keys to modify their use. So Shift + NUM 1 does not mean anything to the computer. Example 2, Using the keybind v with shift will produce Shift+v= V (ctrl and alt will also work). So when you bring this to auto hot key or logitech gaming software it means that you should be binding the mouse button to a keyboard letter, symbol or number over the NUMLOCK PAD(edited)
I use the Keybind v Keybind ; and keybind ‘

3. The other thing you can do ( and I dont reccomend this unless you are aware of what you are doing and back everything up in a seperate folder) is Check your using a text editor like Notepad for a complete list of every bound key specific to that character.

Go to your WoW directory and navigate to WTF/Account/(acct name)/(realm)/(character) and look for the file named ‘’. Open it with Notepad and look through it carefully to make sure your not trying to use a key combo that is bound to something else.