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Currently, I’m ilvl 380, with haste sitting at about 13-14%. With the High Tolerance talent, that will provide another 10-15% haste based on stagger.

John, not sure how you are running this at 50ms. That eats through Ironskin Brews for me. I bet I don’t even get through half the timer before a new one is popped. I messed with the count at first and seems to either not change or made things worse. So, for those that are looking for a 100% up time with minimal counter overlap or minimal, I played around with my button ms timer. I was finally able to get the Ironskin Brew timer about 1 sec before there was an overlap at 85ms. For me at 90ms, there was a 1sec gap before a new IS Brew. Like John said, make slight adjustments to find you sweet spot. Button masher, no clue what to tell you. All hail synapse. 🙂

I did try the Blackout Combo talent with this. It didn’t effect the timer issue at 85ms for me but if it hit properly, IS Brews were almost always full. Since the macro is running things, you are at the mercy of random luck with the Blackout Combo talent and what gain you may get. However, this did cause my dps to drop. I was holding at around mid 7k and dropped to upper 6ks with Blackout Combo talent.

Will test further on Sunday when we go back in. Thanks John.