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Raiding is very accessible for you.

Hunter: From my understanding (I don’t play Hunter); — is doing very well in both a raiding atmosphere as well as a casual PVP environment.

Priest Shadow: — I personally use this to raid with in addition to running high m+ keys; 9/9 Heroic BOD, 2120 IO last season,

Priest Holy: I don’t heal, but I know that John makes very well-performing healing macros —

I don’t play a mage, paladin, shaman, nor warlock, so I can’t recommend anything there.

I used to play druid but a lot of the druid macros are ‘ok’ for casual play, not very good for competitive play such as high key running or mythic raiding. Although Admiral makes good macros as well, you’d have to experiment with his boomie macro and see how it performs —

As for competitive PVP… you’re not going to find any macro that’s going to put you ahead of a casual player, imo. Many will do a good ‘casual’ job, but if you’re trying to push a 2K+ rating, you might struggle.