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Jeff Stevens
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I made some changes, they are still works in progress. I’m trying to use this for heroic BoD, and soon to be mythic.

Basically, I was tired of mousing over things when I had to focus on moving around the fights. So what I do is keep the MT or whatever tank I’m assigned targeted most of the time. And also my focus target. Then I’m free to move around and pivot my view with my mouse.

I made Circle of healing happen on my focus target (tank), so it always hits melee players. Unfortunately, Sanctify has to be on @player, you can’t use the pbaoe on @focus. I have divine star and halo in there because you run halo in raids and divine star in mythics. Serenity is still mouse over. When it’s active, you get a bunch of errors on your screen saying you need to target someone, that’s how I know it’s active. And then I mouseover when a tank needs it. And Prayer of mending will always cast on the tank. Basically, I keep a tank as my focus target and actual target 24/7. I swap between tanks if one is taking more damage. But my guild healers assign tank healers so it works freaking great for healing my assigned tank.

I’m also running Vuhdo raid frames, clicking on a target will flash heal them. Might change it to renew, but idk yet. needs more testing. It would save some mana. Right clicking dispels them. That’s how I handle healing non-tanks directly. Doing this works with the macro still running perfectly fine. I rely on other healers to worry about non tanks mostly. They are much better at it like mistweaver monks and druids.

This works for me better, figure maybe it will work for others better too. I just can’t seem to focus on new fights and keep hovering my mouse over the tanks. Why not just need them targeted to free up my mouse for other shit? Because you’re going to be targetting the tanks 90% of the time anyway, why hold your mouse over them for 90% of the fight when you can free that up to focus on other things?

/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Divine Star
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Halo
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn,@mouseover] Holy Word: Serenity
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn,@player] Holy Word: Sanctify
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn,@focus,exists,nodead] Circle of Healing
/cast [nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Prayer of Mending
/castsequence [nochanneling:Divine Hymn] Heal, Heal, Prayer of Healing