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James Bullard
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quick stat rundown Ilvl 385 agi 5691 Crit 26.14% Haste 10.83% Mastery 38.34% Vers 4.78%/2.39%
Sim Dps 17,004 actual dps using macro at .05 on razer synapse 14,800 to 17,500 depending on the fight according to wow combat log analyzer I have green check marks on everything with little room for improvement mainly with Chimera shot and a little better uptime on kill command any suggestions to maybe increasing or decreasing speed in synapse?

we have similar stats, are you using the base macro on the first page or did you change it up? single target on raid dummy is 12-14k and i am simming at 14-15k. i am new to this and noticing that chimera shot isnt triggering right away, and neither is kill command half the time. on top of that my barbed shot isnt conserving itself its triggering instantly as soon as its up. can you help?