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Been a lurker on here for the past week since I started playing, Just wanted to post and say I don’t think this macro is working properly like someone else stated. It just seems to cast brews and fire breath. Haven’t had a problem with other people’s macros or your other macro’s for different specs. This one however refuses to work properly. Using the latest GSE and tried on dummys and open world mobs. It’ll just sit there and brew up > Fire Breath > waits to repeat. Just a heads up you might want to relook at your macro. Unless there is something I’m missing then I apologize in advance.

EDIT UPDATE: I’m an idiot. Didn’t have rushing Jade Wind. Unlike a lot of other macro’s where it’ll continue on, this one was set to stall out if it couldn’t execute the skill. Removed Rushing Jade Wind from the macro and works flawlessly. If anyone has a problem where it just casts brews and then Fire Breath it’s probably because your missing a skill. DOH.

(Also great work on your macro’s and thank you for taking the time to make them!)