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Okay, so update. This is working way better for DPS parsing compared to the other posts here. I got a normal parse of:

98% on normal Mekkatorque
95% Champion of Light
93% Gong

My others were 77-88% purple by ilvl.


Most important aspect of playing BM hunter and scoring high parses is to use flask and agility pot on lust. pre-pot if you want to score a higher parse. I only do this on pulls that I think we will down the boss so I dont go bankrupt raiding.

NEED TO MAINTAIN 3 STACKS OF FRENZY AT ALL TIMES. That’s why I like this macro better. It puts all the filler crap into one button. and lets you manually apply frenzy stacks (barbed shot) so you can have better control. Nice work and thank you. This macro/forum post should be rated higher.

Always put your CDs/racial CD/ trinket on manual also. You want to utilize these during the lust phase and other important phases of fights where you need to burn down adds but don’t hold onto them too long because you want to get as many uses out of it as possible.