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Stone Guard
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Any way to not make my felguard do the spin before he hits the pack? 😂

Funny thing about that. Intested it several ways and found that even with the wow ui auto cast it also sometimes does the spin before catching the mob. Its a slight dps loss if you are raiding but usually its not a huge issue because the raid fights are usually extended over a period of time so its a small issue during pulls. In dungeons the trash packs are usually close so its not an issue or dps loss; same thing for world content.

In my next iteration ill prob put back pursuit in the macro so it can charge first. Took it off originally to avoid extra pulls. Then when I took it off the issue became that the Fel Guard was doing his spin first all the time. I decided that was easier to manage.

Then what I did is that I got the pet abilities passive and assist in my actual key binds so when I want to avoid extra pulls I call my pet to passive, then back to active to pull. This is a more involved tactic. Thus I will likely make this into a separate version of this macro and take it from there.

I will likely leave the spins on the macro also because its an overall DPS gain having it there. However I may also test some other options. Like taking it off the macro totally, then making a modifier with a cast sequence for Implosion and the Spin. Which makes sense as that combo would be used in high aoe scenarios. Which will be another version to test out.

Ive been working on something to help with that so it should be out tonight.