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How should I add Trueshot back into the macro? I’d much rather have to wait on blowing Trueshot on trash then missing Trueshot casts.

Open up the macro, click on the very beginning of the 3rd line and put this (press ENTER after that, so you send the current line down):
/cast [nochanneling] Trueshot

Does anyone have any parses to share using this macro? Looks good to me but I just want to see how it is comparing to other MM hunters around the same ilvl and gear

I don’t have any parses on this one yet, but I’m doing pretty well on Jaina, even with all the movement.

how do you change MS in GS? i have around 40ms most of the time and it skips spells

You don’t change MS inside the GSE. You have to do either with your keyboard software or your preferred AHK script.

any new update on your macro? I tested this in actual raid (normal and heroic both) only up to 14k ish… while Sim says 21k. I use AHK so I changed ms pretty alot to find right ms. from 50ms to 100ms… but dps stays the same. In game is 20-30ms world.

It’s very updated. On MY testings the 100 speed is the ideal, but my normal ms is around 180, so just try it by yourself.