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This is THE macro to use for Brewmaster. I used this Pre 120 and still using it at 120 now and I absolutely destroy as a tank. It blew peoples minds I was only hitting a single key to macro this. I’ve had zero issues with this macro. I can safely say, this is the macro you want above anyone else’s macro’s for brewmaster right now. I tried JM’s stuff but this one has that extra “OOMPH” with expel harm and even slips in leg sweep. If you want a full rotation and easy mode, this is it to be honest. People we’re telling me Monk tanking was the hardest tank in the game and when I told them I was using GSE and just clicking a single button. It blew them away. If you like busy body work then avoid this macro. Just my 2 cents, this author did amazing work on this one out of the 4 or so macro’s I tried on this site. This one takes the cake. Just make an Ox statue /target provoke macro which is found easily on google and your set. I seriously only press 1 key (this macro) and 2 key (ox statue /provoke) and I mass clear dungeons with zero problems. Good for folks who know their shit but don’t want Arthritis trying to play.