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Alot of factors at play here man. For one, I don’t play a rogue or pally so I have no idea how the macros on this site are for those classes. That being said, I’ve never seen anyone rave about any of them either…not like I have seen for hunters, dks, monks and warriors. (If I’m thinking right, those classes have some macros that parse 80%+ which is really great for a lazy macro, I have parsed 90%+ with some BM macros myself)

And speaking from experience from a guy who used to use a paid rotation bot way back when, I do know they do still exist. However, they aren’t used nearly as much as they used to be before the massive ban waves of a few years ago. You can always tell a paid bot user if they suddenly can’t raid on the Tues night after a significant patch since the bot needs to be updated to said patch. (yes that happened to me twice, food poisoning both times I think was my excuse to my guild)

Or those that are topping the meters are just that good. I simply can’t keep up these days doing the rotations myself. Nowhere near like I could when I started gaming as a teenager. I’m in my mid 30s now and simply can’t fire off a perfect rotation like I could when I first started back in Wrath on my destro lock. (I also think the rotations were a bit easier back then as well) But using these macros, I tell you what, I never fail at boss mechanics and that is the most important thing if you ask me. Cause I have a buddy that MUST MUST top meters with every toon he plays…but that MF’er fails at so many mechanics it’s not even funny anymore.