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Spitz, thanks for replaying, greatly appreciate hearing from someone with experience.

My problem is (on my Ret. Pally or Rogue) is that Im NOT doing the same dps as (an example for my Pally) the other three Pallys are doing, I’m doing about 50% of what they are doing DPS wise, I know the rotation and I know that if I try to keep up with the rotation (everything on GCD) I will fudge up the mechanics and lay face down in the dirt, dead.

Gear is not the issue, I’m as geared as they are and the percentage of dps loss should be minimum but here I’m am, embarrassed that I cant pull the same dps as my peers.

Funny that a Rogue and warlock pull the same top dps almost to the digit, each and every time, Pallys pull over 50k aoe and about 20-24K on boss fights!

So, I have to wonder, are they that good?! I’m an old man, in Legion, I mashed the buttons myself (less GCD) but now, just cant do it and keep up with the mechanics (have to stay alive).

Maybe they are that good and I’m just bad but it sure sucks seeing the dps meters in Details in real time and well, you get the drift.

So, about GSE, even if GSE macros are not perfect (and they cant be), they should at least be 80-90% as good but it seems like none are (I have tried so many, I’m tired and fed up from trying any more of them), even made some modifications to some but my dps stays the same, it’s crazy!

I have some good ones that I use on my Pally (priority based) which at least keep my numbers some what respectable but otherwise, Lazy is not doing as good as, I guess, those uber players.

Which is why I suspect BOTs but there’s is no way to know, maybe they are that good.