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John Q., when we raid we have full buffs, food and flask so I just don’t think a swig of a onetime potion is going to get me much.

When we were doing Heroic Uldir, I was on par with other Pallys but it seemed like things started to change as I go better gear, so I just dont know what happened or what is going on, Seems like better gear just degraded my dps — just don’t know.

My stat selection on the gear is in-line with suggestions from askmrrobot and other sites (

But the issue is that its not just my Pally, my Rogue, Warlock and SP all seem to be capped!
For my warlock I’m more or less rewrote a macro to be Priority and its firing as it should but on a good day, standing still I’m at about 10-12K (Affliction).