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Putting all the BOT vs. GSE issues aside, Blizzard really screwed up most specs. Even if you follow your rotation to the letter, because of the GCD, the best dps you can do is on par or less than a poor GSE macro. So, given that a GSE macro can do just as well if not better than you breaking your fingers on a rotation, I use GSE!

I tried doing it manually and as I said, because of the GCDs, I cant hit those buttons faster than the GCD allows me to!

So, all those players that are getting high numbers, there is no way in hell they are hitting those buttons manually, that goes for the Rogue and Pally (its even worse for a Rogue as you not only have GCD to contend with but also energy level to use that skill!)

Test it out yourselves, get a addon like TellMeWhen or Hekili, Ovale or Herorotaion and see what your numbers are hitting those buttons manually compared to just running a GSE macro.

I enjoyed played my Pally and Rogue in Legion but in BFA, not so much (from a standpoint of dps)

That is the fault of Billiard in this xpac.