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Just created an account for this 🙂
THANKS DV8 for the work!

I am running your v1.2 since its release and it is great! Works fine for M+ and Raiding

The v1.3 falls a bit short tho.

Simmed at Raid Training Dummy 18.1k @200s fight length (No Raidbuffs Flasks pots etc)
v1.2 get at around 17.3k – 17.5k ish area
v1.3 completes at about 16.4k

ilvl 401
Crit 32%
Haste 8.9%
Vers 7.3%
Mastery 24%

Revolving Blades
Revolving Blades
Thirsting Blades
Treacherous Covenant
Furious Gaze
Eyes of Rage