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Abby wrote: Pretty significant DPS increase. No point to run Unleased Power because IF there are adds, they die too fast to Chaos Nova and therefore it’s a waste. I do roughly 3-4K more damage in boss encounters with Fel Eruption than without it.

thats definetly not true.
despite the fact u will loose a global cooldown for even more important abilities, all reliable sims show that its even more a weak decrease than an increase of ur dps.

Here’s a modified version of the above posted macro which I have included Fel Eruption into the rotation.

therefore it should not be a part in ur rotation macro so far


Every Demon Hunter that specced Unleased Power in encounters that Fel Eruption is favored performed significantly less. There is only ONE encounter where Unleased Power performed higher; Grong, which is understandable because there is persistent moving and a lower rate of fury regeneration throughout the entire fight.

Lastly, your “log” is of a player that was placed on add duty the entirety of method’s progression, not boss fights, which his DPS supports and can be confirmed through WL.