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John Mets
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The macro tests I’ve ran is saying I’m breaking hit combo and missing casts on wowanalyzer. Like on one fight – 23/60 RSK and 14/23 WDP. I ran these at the suggested 50ms – is there something I’m doing wrong by just letting it run?

first you have to understand that macros will never do things flawlessly, that’s what bots do and bots get you banned.
speed could be a factor, try slowing the MS to 75 or whatever and see what happens. as when the macro tries to fire something it may not be off cd yet or GCD completed, jut watch your bars when running the macro you will see the icon light up as it tries to fire but is too early etc and the macro will just move on to the next thing. depending on how far you wish to zoom in with a microscope, haste could also be an issue as it affects the gcd, which could also cause more or fewer skips