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I rarely post here, but this is just … well bad advice.

Fel Eruption is only a DPS increase in 2 situations. When you are out of melee range, it does very slightly more damage than throw glaive. When you are spec’d into Demon Blades as a filler when you have nothing else to hit **and** have only a single target (in multi target situations master of the glaive is better) **or** do not want the slow from MotG.

It does less damage than demon’s bite, and it uses fury instead of generating it. Using it in a standard rotation, when in melee range, is 100% a dps loss over not even picking a talent.

About those logs you linked. Don’t just look at talent selection and numbers, look at ability usage. They are not using fel eruption on CD, or in place of demon’s bite. They are using it for the stun, not the damage. Often they aren’t even using it at all, just have the talent selected because for the specific fight it’s a dead row, as in it does not matter because with their build none of the talents are a dps increase.

In short, correlation does not equal causation in regards to the Fel Eruption talent, and DPS.