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show me a log where it is used often enough to matter. because the logs you linked? the top logs, from the world top players. Are using it for CC not for damage. Meaning it is not a damage increase outside of the specific situations i outlined above, which are edge cases and rare.

“All encounters except one, Opulence.”

This is just plain wrong. Look at the logs you linked and show me where the usage is a DPS increase outside of recovering from mistakes.

“You’re casting Demon’s Bite on average 80 times per encounter in a raid scenario. Also, you don’t pair it (Fel Eruption) as a standalone, you pair it to dump fury OR with eye-beam (assuming you’re traited for the max fury regen).”

If you have enough fury to dump you dump with chaos strike. End of story. Anything else is a waste of a GCD. Again this is outside of the situations outlined above. Demon’s bite does more damage, and if you have enough fury to dump Chaos Strike is a better dump.

“No one said that you’re using Fel Eruption on CD or in place of Demon’s Bite.”

Havoc is a GCD locked class Meaning if you are hitting Fel Eruption you are replacing something else with it outside of the conditions i outlined in the original response. Specifically with a Demon blade’s build or at range under very specific conditions.

“Additionally, you are using it for the damage.”

Demon’s Bite does more damage per gcd, you are not using it for damage outside of the conditions outlined in my previous post …. again.

“You’re using it for the damage and the stun to either control adds, or if you’re on add control to keep a little bit of damage on the boss.”

Yes, you use it for CC, but not for damage. It’s damage is inconsequential.

“It gives you an extension of range to DPS out of an area unreachable by other melee.”

Yes, this is true, as i outlined in my previous post. It gives you a ranged attack (thus no wasted GCD), that is better ST than throw glaive.

“You’re just adding substance to support a distorted argument.”

No, i am trying to correct your bad advice. Fel Eruption is a DPS increase ONLY under the following conditions. 1 + (2 or 3)

You do not need a ST stun in the next 30 seconds.

AND one of the following

1 – You are out of melee range vs a single target.


2 – You are using Demon Blades, as it frees GCDs to use. Even in this case it is very low priority damage.

Any other usage is a DPS loss.


“You’re just adding substance to support a distorted argument.”

No i’m using your presented data (the warcraft logs link) and showing that you need to look deeper than just what talents people have selected but how they actually use those talents. As i suggested originally, check the usage of Fel Eruption on those logs. The usage is low enough that any DPS variance is better accounted for via other factors than via Fel Eruption’s usage.

Maybe if your argument had some data to support itself instead of your assertions that you are correct it might hold water. As is, it’s a leaky ship in a storm held afloat by the fact that that talent row has little to no DPS impact on it’s own in the first place.