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First Sergeant
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Just want to shout out this is one of the best macros i’ve used on here. Virtually no pause. My haste is normally around the ~25-30% range though so that helps. Anyhow this works with either your Inquisition talent (which I used for a bit) until I went full auto and just chose Divine Purpose (it tends to proc .. alot!)

For me though I personally went with [mod:ctrl] Avenging Wrath and [mod:alt] Flash of Light for when the talent Selfless Healer is at the magical +4 mark. I tend to have quite a few shift+key for stuff.

oh and I forgot I added the talent Hand of Hinderance at the very beginning of your macro because I do pvp alot ..

For an AOE version of yours I just replaced the Templar’s Verdict with that Divine Storm and it does very nice.

First example with Inquisition:

Second no Inquisition but with Divine Purpose

For me (with my haste being what it is) there seems to have a more seemless transition without Inquisition for some reason. I dunno.

Kudos to you sir.