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Nathan Richards
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Thanks to all those that enjoyed my single target, I will work on perfecting this more on some minor things and work on the multi-target macro. Those whom had issues with the mods, you have to unbind shift, alt, and ctrl if I am not mistaken. Those whom are having trouble using this macro as things are not firing, I think you may have the trinkets checked off. If they are still in this macro, I will fix them for the future. I wrote this macro, kind of on the fly, and did some testing. I figured it was “good enough” to post it up. I then forgot about it as I saw not many posts. However, I didn’t give time enough to get posts. I ended up forgetting about it until I needed a macro myself after a crash. I guess it was also good on my part that I had. I am re-importing it and will work on it more. I will also add the multi-target “SOON”ish. Again, sorry for the delay and thanks for the praise!