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Nathan Richards
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Francois don’t worry about your English, Do the best you can. I have been also working on making this macro more streamlined and remove potential stalls, working on updated to handle nearly all build considerations, and try to find a consistent ms refire of it, based in response to haste of course. I also am changing the base stock build for now too, since it is no longer the best build persay. The new macro will also contain multitarget involved as there are some abilities you may now use for targets 2 or greater and some only 3 and greater. Needless to say, it isn’t ready but I will check out your build of it. The first revision will involve the new talent build and modifications that add in multi-target >= 3. I will also look into optimizing the macro more but as to what I have in store for it, I am not promising that right now. I am currently also reworking my protection paladin macro and my blood deathknight macro too. I will be posting those soon if anyone is interested. The protection paladin macro is extremely promising at this moment.