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Tab 3 and 4 are the same. So out of all those tab 4 is what im using. @388 Ilevel im using Bastion of might x3 Deafening Vrashx1 Brace for Impactx1 azerite traits. Highest key run +5 2 chested and seveal other 3’s through 5. 22k dps over all on Atal’ Dazar run. I planned the above the trash pulls to maximize my dps.:) Ive hit over 50k dps mid trash fight before . Might have got higher.Demoralizing shout fires off exactly how we want it. Victory Rush is iffy so i bind it to another mousebutton that is set to repeat firing while held. I dont miss any Victory Rush procs that way. Thank you very much for OP thx10050. ps also thank you “glennwith2ns” i copy pasted a few /castsequence ‘s I highely recommend using the modifiers in the way i posted. Unbind every keybind that has a modsifier. I use keyboard for lshift,lalt and my g600 logitech
multibutton mouse for rshift,ralt,rctrl.