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Nathan Richards
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Inquisition is hard to automate in order to keep its up time optimum and not take away from performance in regards to DPS. I am working on a bit of a better build since its potency has taken precedence. I am still aiming to support all builds in one macro. However, it is unrealistic to make and keep it perfect. Some abilities have different priorities with different builds.

I will be posting my Unholy DK macro probably Monday along with my Protection Paladin. The Blood DK will post within the two days following that. Then the Retribution Paladin, revision one, following shortly after that.

These are approximations to releasing them because if I find out I can work it a little more, or a change, that may be needed, breaks it. I am one of those people that is kind of a perfectionist in a lot of the things I do. I run these macros, literally, hundreds of times and it takes away from my playing so my suffers.

So, sure I can manually play it, and for tough things, I usually do at first. However, I find it fun and a challenge to achieve a proper running macro or addon (I used to addon develop for WoW a long time ago). I also have carpal tunnel syndrome and it helps to have a macro on backup so I can enjoy playing when that is giving me problems. I am releasing my macros because I know others aren’t as adept as others or have handicaps themselves.