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Single Target sim = 8.7 Actual = 8.5
I’m actually very surprised to see the single target hitting so close to sims because in my mind the macro is doing things it shouldn’t, but I know nothing about priests so there’s that. I guess interrupting mind flay and reapplying dots that have high stacks is perfectly fine lol. <shrug> Works for me. Thank you.

One: Clipping (the act of ending a channel spell before the full duration or refreshing a dot before it falls off –not to be confused with the Warlock passive Pandemic–) is the preferable move if a more powerful ability is available. If the last two ticks of Mind Flay do less damage than what you would gain by refreshing Shadow Word: Pain, then you should be interrupting Flay for Pain.

Two: I would assume that if the macro is constantly refreshing dots that have more than enough time left that maybe the macro needs to be tuned for your haste.

Enix, have you checked out Sethadon’s macros (just posted a day or so ago) to see if there is anything to be gained/learned?
Thanks, Pete

No. In fact, I haven’t been on the forums in months and the Discord in several weeks. I got burned out trying to make everyone happy and after my coding buddy decided to save his sanity by bailing on it all I sort of did the same.

If I decide to release updates to my macros after the next major patch (assuming I find any joy in it at all) then I’ll probably release them as is and let you guys hash it out.