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Hi Vans!
Only done a little testing on your ST macro thus far, but from my initial numbers this looks *very* promising… I’m seeing the best numbers I’ve seen since Aggaman’s.
I’ll do more more playing with this evening and will post my results. I am intrigued with your using HitCombo rather than Xuen for ST, and rather than RJW.
More soon!

Hey moltrin1,

I’m looking forward to your results, the more information I have the better the macro development.

I have tried to leave the macro as close to the% by skill of my simulation. So far I have been very close, which allowed some parses 80+ (with a not so good execution)

when to the talents, I have the habit of using the hit combo for world, m + as well as for pvp, I prefer the constant damage to the burst.

In raids I use xuen.

Rjw I did some tests for m + and it is also solid. I can add in the macro in a second version if you are interested.

* The hit combo also lets me know if the macro is working well with mastery. (do not repeat the past skill)