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John Mets
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Forgot that I was going to take a look at this to figure out why the damage was so low.
It’s casting blackout kick too frequently; it’s spamming it and dropping damage too significantly. Tried removing one of the kicks, and it kicked too little for some reason. Removed the reset all together because it seems like it’s becoming caught in a loop… so, I removed that and sequenced them (the two kicks) individually; removed the two and only kept one towards the end of the rotation (for a faster ms spam)… that worked better but not quite enough to make it competitive in damage.
I’ll keep playing with it.
Edit: also forgot that I added chi burst because that’s the new meta. i suggest adding support for that as well.

interesting this as well as me dealing with a PM that had a twitch run of Heroic opulence, looking at that fight the user was getting 83%+ parse, comparing logs with top WW for that fight, the abilities were firing off comparably with Blackout kick firing somewhat less. that users main issue was gear az trait differences more than my macro. however im noticing many are changing the talents to suit what the meta tells them which is fine just the macro rotation has a specific talent set in mind. Im happy to sim the meta with what I prefer and see what come up and adjust the macro to suit. it will take time. im currently transitioning guilds (and servers) so my focus is now there for the time being as they dont need tanks i need to learn how to DPS again :P, once im settled ill go back and revise.