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Hi, macro looks nice, but i dont get, where i put the line “/target [@mouseover,help]” can u help me?

GSE writes the macro to your in game macro pane, which you access by typing /m.

It will write the macro to your character specific macros, unless theres not enough room, in which case it will put it with the rest of the macros in the general macros tab.

Find the macro (KHIT_MW_8.1), and add the ‘/target [@mouseover,help]’ as the second line (right under #showtooltip) of the macro and save it. It should look something like this:

/target [@mouseover,help]
/click [button:2] KHIT_MW_8.1 RightButton; [button:3] KHIT_MW_8.1 MiddleButton; [button:4] KHIT_MW_8.1 Button4; [button:5] KHIT_MW_8.1 Button5; KHIT_MW_8.1