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Hi, I wanted help understanding something. as many have asked also I wanted answers about the speed of execution of macros “ms”;. more like, my question is the macro is to be used manually with the relative key, i. e. do I have to press the key in a series or should they be used automatically by the mouse or keyboard or program? the speed of execution ms that many here on the forums say to set, from where do you see how you know what is the right speed?

Depending on the type of application you’re using to perform an auto-press function, it should allow you to select whether you want it to be toggled or held; for example, in my Logitech gaming software, my profile is set to toggle so that I don’t need to hold down my designated key to perform the action.

As for what speed to use, ask the author of the macro. Most of the time it is somewhere in the thread. If it’s not, test around and see what works best for you.