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@DV8 thanks for the great work it is working pretty good. im 381 ilvl and my sims without group buffs, flasks, food, potion is 16.1k on test dummy im having high opener and stable 15.8/15.9 under 2 min test which is pretty amasing. i did change 1 preference thing but very solid macro. With same gear i tested the previous version macro and preformed slightly less, with holding steady 15.4/15.6 on dummy. Im using AHK with 40ms which it feels working best for me. ty again

You are most welcome. Happy it’s working for you!

just a quick question, can this be used a single button macro?? I know my DPS will suffer but at this point Im just happy to be able to play the game on a couple characters with single button macros.

You mean including things like Eye Beam and Chaos Nova into the macro? As I’ve said previously, they’re both best used outside of the macro on modifiers, but if you really want them included, shoot me a PM and I’ll add them.

After updating, i cannot get it to work.
GSE wont make the macro icon clickable.

As @Abby pointed out, check what other macros you have enabled. Also make sure you’re in the correct spec. If you are in Veng and try to use the macro it messes up the code. I would suggest deleting what version you have and re-importing the new one.