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lol im bored at work and gonna answer your (what I think are) questions:

@roosewelt – Ya I dunno bud, I use a mouse, so whatever AHK (or equivelent) you use I would have no clue to even begin where to help you.

@flamman1 – newest one in video – kinda the same as the old – one change I did was no more bladerush i’m using the Killing Spree talent so BR is no longer in the macro

@frostyfeet2 – “first time ever logging in on all the time ive ever used WLM, This macro does not work AT ALL for me?” – I think this is broken english or perhaps english is your second language so I’m going to give you credit for trying? First off I have no clue what WLM is. My question to you would be : do any macros on this entire site work for you ?

“i mean it fires like 2 abilities and then it does nothing. Someone needs to help this guy because i tried everything i can think of and this macro just does not work at all.” – tried everything ? huh ?

“also why did you make the only casts the macro does bound to alt? it does nothing if you press 1 unless you hold down alt. ” – I’m so confused right now by your words. im gonna stop right here.

@zashisouthpaw69 – yup ya need weapons other than daggers . but can you have a dagger in the off hand and it still work ? I dont know.